6 Ways to Transform Your Companies

The team at Optimize Our Inventory worked as manufacturers and distributors before conceiving the idea of a management consulting firm that would draw upon their extensive experience in supply chain management.

We are uniquely positioned to help your company streamline its operations, minimize costs and increase profits thanks to our awareness of industry standards in supply chain management that help us realize untapped potential across the entire spectrum of business operations.

Beauty Supply
Integrated UPS shipping to automatically update tracking numbers with their own two way system.
HVAC ManufacturerExtended visibility to customer order history and item history across the company to enable maximized customer service.

Developed automated fax and email delivery system for key documents, saving mailing costs and speeding up collections

Lighting Distributor Complex sales commission calculations  done automatically. Commission statements automatically delivered to salesperson in the field.
Consumer Packaged Goods
Integrated order processing with EDI for various large trading partners including Walmart and Target.
Food and Beverage
Integrated inventory with images, pricing, weights and packaging. Built a business to business portal for clients to place orders online.
Behavior Health Clinics
Created a web-based timesheet to integrate and automate California payroll laws including multiple rates and auto-calculation of travel expenses and mileage.Developed a portal for employees to enter timesheets and track Human resources data to reduce errors.

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