Customized G/L Transactions Details Optional Fields Report

Sage 300 ERP provides users with multiple General Ledger reports that makes easier for them to manage and maintain data of GL transactions in multiple ways while using Sage 300 ERP. But some of the clients requires the data which are not provided in standard reports. Considering such requests, we have developed Customized G/L Transactions Details Optional Fields Report based on the requirements of one of our client. This report is similar to the standard GL report.

As we know, GL Transaction Details optional Fields report prints the report in order, by account number, by a particular segment (such as department or region), or by account groups. User can also print amounts in both source and functional currency or in functional currency only. If the euro is your functional currency and a reporting currency is specified for your ledger, you can choose reporting if you want to print amounts in that currency. Inspite of all the standard considerations, in the standard report there is no field present to identify the opening and closing balance.

Hence to include this feature, we have customized the standard GL Transaction Details optional Fields report. Below screenshot shows the new user interface with filter criteria to print the report. This report considers data from the GL Transaction – GL Batch & GL Entry.

New Stuff: – Project Job Costing – Project Style option in Contract Maintenance

Based on the above filter criteria we have displayed the report which includes opening and closing balance


  • Optional Field Name: This will be optional field which we have mapped to the account from GL entry screen. Considering the above screenshot below is the example of optional field. Optional field Name: EMPID, Type – Text
  • From Date and To Date : This will be the header level document date field from GL entry Screen
  • From Account Number and To Account Number : This will be the detail level GL Account field from GL Entry Screen.

From Transactional Optional Field and To Transactional Optional Field Considering above screenshot as an example we have mapped values to the optional field EMPID and based on the same user can select optional field value from the user interface and report will show the data for selected optional field value

Refer below screenshot of Output of the Customized G/L Transactions Details Optional Fields Report when Report printed through customized report using customized UI.

As you can see in above screenshot data is modified in the customized Report which includes fields like optional field, optional field value, Posting Sequence, Batch Number, Entry Number, Document Date, Posting Date, Debits, Credits, Transaction Amount, Running Total, Opening Balance, Closing Balance.

Opening balance: Sum of Amounts from 01-01-2019 to 31-05-2019 (Based on Screenshot of UI)

Closing Balance: Sum of total Running Balance. (Opening Balance + (Debits – Credits) or Running Value)

This report can be useful when user needs GL Transaction Optional Field Report with values of opening and closing balance based on the optional field mapped to GL Transactions.

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