IRN Cancellation in GST E-Invoicing

In Sage 300 ERP, we have introduced a new feature under GST Addon of E-Invoicing. We have implemented the functionality of filing E-Invoice and receiving IRN from E-Invoicing portal under the Addon module and have also described the overall functionality in our earlier blogs.

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Along with filing and receiving IRN, we have recently come up with new enhancement that will allow an organization to cancel the generated IRN number for the already filed invoice. The seller can cancel the IRN for an e-invoice by reporting it on IRP within specified amount of time. We have introduced this feature as amendment of invoices is not possible through the IRP. There can be several reasons and factors that a seller needs to cancel the filed invoice. Lets have a look at the factors in brief and how our new screen can help in making the proces facter and easier.

Why Cancel IRN?

IRN can be cancelled under following situations:

  • Filed invoice contains data entry mistake (wrong document date, incorrect document, number, incorrect item quantities).
  • Desired invoice was not supposed to be filed on IRP portal.

When to cancel?

  • Generated IRN should be cancelled within 24 hours.

Cancel IRN in Sage 300 ERP:

Sage 300 ERP provides solution for cancelling IRN through IRP portal using below screen which is present under GST module.

Cancel IRN Screen

Working of Cancel IRN

There is separate screen for IRN Cancellation present under GST Module à E-Invoicing. User will have selection filters like Transaction Type, From and To Document, From and To Customer  for the IRN generated documents that need to be cancelled. Following response received fromIRP portal will be generated and stored a in log file on successful IRN cancellation.

Generated Log File


  • Once Invoice number is cancelled the seller cannot file the same Invoice Number again.
  • Partial cancellation of e-Invoice is not allowed.
  • Cancellation of IRN to be done within 24 hours of its generation.
  • A credit note needs to be passed in ERP against the cancelled invoice which in turn needs to file on IRP portal.

Thus this will make the process easier and user friendly to the Sage 300 ERP users with Cancel IRN feature

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