Printing Labels with Barcode Scanner in Sage 300 ERP

As we know Barcode Scanner (mention link if we have any blog on this) is implemented as an Add-on in our Sage 300 ERP which helps users to perform physical inventory count more easily, quickly and more accurately. Scanning the Barcode of an Item gives information about that item such as its Name, Price, etc. And once a Barcode is scanned with the Barcode Scanner, the data is translated into readable information. This seems much simpler than keying in the information manually.

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We have recently introduced a new screen which can print Barcode labels in the provided Barcode Print screen. This requires a Barcode Label Printer for the users to be able to print the Barcodes.

Barcode Printing Label Screen

The print of Barcode structure has 4 parts:

  1.  Part Number – This is Item Number from Sage 300 ERP Item Number Master
  2. Invoice Number – <Describe>
  3. Quantity – <Describe>
  4. Lot Number – <Describe>
  5. Lot Quantity – <Describe>

Here, user has to manually select the Item, enter quantity, enter Invoice Number (Optional) and how many lots to be created for the selected quantities and click on Print button. The system will then process and generate those many lot numbers for the selected item. The user can repeat the same process for different set of quantities. Lets have an example to understand this process:

If the Shipment is arrived with 5 boxes of 50 units , 2 boxes of 20 units and 1 box of 10 units, then the user will first select the Item number, set quantity as 5 and Lot Quantity as 50 à Click on Print. Then do the same process but change the quantity as 2 and click on process. At last user will repeat the process where in he will set the quantity as 1 and click process.

Lot Numbers will be generated when we click on Print button thereby generating and printing the required labels. These printed labels will then be used by users to stick on the relevant packages and then accordingly will get scanned at the time of processing GRN entries. With the help of this customization of printing Barcode labels, users can generate labels for Lot Items hassle free and more easily. It helps users to keep track of generated Barcode Labels as well. This can be further customized as per requirement as well, whether to include Lot numbers, Document numbers, etc or not.

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