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Driving quality control and vendor compliance!

Receiving is one of the most important processes during your business operations, and it must be done efficiently and professionally, this is the reason we strive to ensure that accurate data entry is achieved, in order to avoid costly errors. We offer premium consultation services to make the whole process faster for you. Our reliable services simplify complex processes, lower administrative expenses, streamline the processes and increase efficiency of their warehouse operations.


No more inefficiency in this most labor-intensive process!

Tons of mistakes are made during the picking part of the process, but not when you choose our consultation services. We take great pride in helping you turn this difficult task, which is very demanding on the labor side of things, into an error-free process. Our services, which are the best in the industry, allow you to make the picking process quick and efficient. Our goal is to boost your productivity with unbeatable accuracy. We scale up by applying technology strategically and respond more effectively to your demands. We work closely with you to bring an innovation in your business.


Speed and accuracy – even in noisy environment!

The putaway and replenishment process is taken very seriously, as your warehouse depends on accurate scanning and efficient, targeted levels of location accuracy within the Warehouse Management System. We ensure all of that is on target and on schedule. We help you achieve better ROI. As an example, consider a hardware company that processes more than 600 million pounds of freight, 64,000 inbound loads and is able to import 3500 containers. Using premium service based visibility solutions, the company can enhance perfect order performance, which will definitely increase fill rates by 10% and reduce time by 57% and a whopping 85% reduction in backorders.

Inventory Control:

Conduct inventory in real-time and say goodbye to errors!

We don’t forget the key to it all: inventory control. It’s vital that you keep track of which items are in stock and where within your warehouse, that is why we consult you to help you keep everything ordered and organized. No manual counts are needed. You will be surprised to know that around 90% of spreadsheet documents contain errors, as suggested by a 2008 analysis of multiple studies. In the large spreadsheets with hundreds or thousands of formulas, there will be many undetected errors.

Packing & Shipping:

Complete and Ship orders without jumping through hoops!

Speed and accuracy are required to complete and ship your orders effectively. No room for errors! Scanning technology needs to be responsive, desk space needs to be optimized, proper tools should be present… Our proven consultancy solutions leave no stone unturned to meet and even exceed all your requirements. Let your workers operate hands-free and eyes-free!

You can notice a whopping increase of 10% in inventory turns per year, a commendable reduction of 5% in inventory carrying cost, a great decrease of 5% in returns/waste and reduction of 20%  in accounting fees. Not only this, you will also benefit from the reduction of 5days in average days receivables, reduction of  staff required and time savings from manual or duplicate entries by 30%.

Purchasers, distributors and their manufacturer suppliers are able to reduce errors and eliminate waste from supply chain by using the technology, thereby making their business more efficient. You can take advantage of a supplier’s technology that provides annuity-like benefits.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of sales growth and supply chain costs:

  • Inventory reduction by 56%
  • Logistics costs reduction by 2.5%
  • Demand fulfillment improvement by 14%
  • Planning cycle time reduction by 60%

If we look at the facts, you will be surprised to know that automating even a simple transaction such as a purchase order reduces errors. You are able to improve revenue improving time-to-market. The use of bar coding to re-order parts can also help reduce downtime, improving productivity. Similarly web order management gives the customer answers right away so they look to distributors to provide self-service capability to check inventory, pull an invoice or learn whether a delivery arrived on time. It also helps reduce errors in the supply chain.

You can also take advantage of savings through better control to around 0.5%, improve 0.3% with better control from financial reporting, reduce customer inquiry time by 5.0% time, reduce payroll preparation time by 10% , and also 2.0% reduction in managers saves around 10% of your expenses.


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