Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite

Front-to-Back-Office Integration:
Improving Your Customer Life Cycle Management

Independent research suggests that the area of back-office connectivity is not adequately addressed by many CRM implementations, meaning, customer data cannot be shared effectively and business processes are prone to errors, delays, and unnecessary paperwork. Over the long term, this will significantly and negatively impact overall customer satisfaction, as well as increase transactional costs on an exponential basis.

This paper demonstrates how front-to-back-office integration enables small and midsized businesses (SMBs) to address these issues. Specifically, it details how integration-ready solutions within the Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite allow SMBs to seamlessly connect their business processes, applications, and data to (1) manage customer relationships more effectively, (2) reduce costs, and (3) increase profitability over the long term. Significantly, this can be achieved without the cost and complexity normally associated with projects of this type.


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