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Step 1: Choosing Your KPI’s

Our consultants focus on the balanced scorecard strategy in deciding what to measure. We can help you choose which 5-6 key performance indicators will be necessary for you to stay on top of. We need information not in quantity but in quality and we need it in real time, not next month or next quarter. A business could have a list of 500 metrics, but successful businesses have 15-20 metrics. How do you select which ones to focus on? And how do you make those matrices so embedded in the business that you come to rely on them every day?

Step 2: Building Your Dashboard View

We provide you with a means to monitor your company’s health through use of a custom dashboard like these so that you can assess your company’s progress each day in real time with your morning coffee.

Risk Free Complementary Dashboard for One KPI of your choice

Let us bring our perspective to your operation so that together we can decide on the set of key performance indicators vital to your continued growth. Just for sitting down with us, we’ll set up a complementary dashboard that shows Day Sales Outstanding or any one metric of your choice. We stand behind our work and will guarantee your satisfaction with it. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.


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