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Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the possibility of setting up your own eCommerce site. You might have big dreams of making it with an impressive online presence that reels in consumers like bees to honey. Of course, these things don’t just happen. You need a plan, and you need approval from your company’s senior members.

You need to prove how the project MORE than pays back on its investment in returns. You need to prove that eCommerce will catapult your business into success because the internet is an endless hub of growth, and B2B on the online space can truly increase sales across the board. Better yet, it LOWERS costs so your business will be making far more money in the long run.

Boosting Sales

  • Attract more and more customers by switching to responsive sites. B2B buyers are getting smart; almost 88% buyers use their Smartphones to research purchase decisions. Help them interact with your mobile site and boost your sales.
  • Ship products FAST! Integrate your e-commerce site with ERP software and start providing a quick turnaround!
  • Add Value! Try to provide exceptional supporting information on your site in order to ensure they return and buy products again from you.

Lowering Costs

  • Order entry costs! Find out how many employees are involved in order processing system. Identify all the steps that could be eliminated with the use of e-commerce site by taking all your orders automatically.
  • Customer service costs! How many employees are involved in answering customer’s questions? Identify info that could be shared online to lower the amount of tickets received from customers.
  • Overstock/wasted inventory: Identify excess inventory and see if online store could assist you in selling it.

Not just cost control, you can notice incredible improvements like:

  • New product success rate of 72%
  • Manufacturing costs dropping at a rate of 60%
  • Reduced lead times of 68%
  • Perfect order metrices improvement of 66%
  • Product family level forecast accuracy of 71% or more
  • Perfect order percentage of 91% or more
  • centralized supply chain management organization of 47%
  • Closed-loop integration of supply chain planning & execution of 40%
  • Data and process visibility, across end-to-end supply chain of 36%
  • Data and process visibility, from plant floor to top floor of 20%

You’ll be attracting more customers with a website geared around eCommerce, as far more people use mobile devices to browse for goods and services. If you invest in mobile, you’re investing in your target audience. It’s as simple as that. You need to understand the external market just as much as the internal operations of your business. True success in your sales depends on seeing the platforms your clients use and pushing yourself into their line of view.


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