EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

An Electronic Data Interchange transfers documents electronically—without you lifting a finger. Send automatic electronic invoices and any other business documents. Our EDI standardizes documents and seamlessly shares information between your system and other business systems. Don’t worry about losing crucial paperwork ever again.

Gone are the days where you need to mail invoices, cut checks, or call vendors for status updates.

EDIs slash the amount of time needed to find and send documents. Did you know it costs you $20 in labor each time you file a document without an EDI? If a document is misfiled, it costs an average of $120 in labor just to find it.

Your time is your money: let our expert consultants ensure you give your customers an error-free experience.

Why you need an EDI:

  • Cut down on manual work by automating document exchanges. Save big on labor costs.
  • Speed up your Order To Cash (OTC) process with fewer errors thanks to automation.
  • Don’t leave your money tied up in your stock. Turn over inventory more efficiently with an EDI to optimize your cash flow.
  • Deliver your product more quickly and on time.
  • Improve your company’s reputation for reliable quality service, which in turn generates more sales and more secure partnerships
Ensure accuracy and lightning-fast service with an EDI for your business.