Order to Cash

OTC – Order To Cash

Order To Cash (OTC) is the timeline used to process orders in your system. The longer it takes to fulfill orders, the less cash flow you have in your business. Shorten your OTC process to cut costs and drive efficiency through the roof. Our Order To Cash solution allows you to receive orders from customers in the blink of an eye.

Old-fashioned OTC processes have issues that cost big bucks. They often lack detailed inventory information, delay invoices, or don’t integrate with other important systems. These small inefficiencies prevent you from growing your business.

Reduce the time spent on redundant or incorrect information. Improve your client satisfaction and increase your cash flow with our OTC specialists. One client saw their average order processing time go from 43 minutes to a mere 11 seconds after consulting with our OTC experts.

Our OTC services:

  • Significantly shorten the timeline of ordering, fulfillment, and payment.
  • Speed up your cash flow.
  • Improve your customer experience.
  • Reduce costs while improving efficiency.
Fulfill orders automatically with zero paper, phone calls, or headaches. Our OTC solution ensures you receive payment more quickly and your customer receives their products on time.